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DC Smarter CEO to Reveal DCIM Innovations at Data Center World Austin

Ottweiler, Germany, 20 April 2023 – Data Center World Austin: DC Smarter’s CEO Jörg Hesselink to Participate as a Speaker in The Ultimate DCIM and Technology Leadership Workshop Austin, Texas. The event will take place on May 8 and will bring together industry leaders to discuss the latest trends in DCIM and technology leadership.

The workshop will be moderated by Bill Kleyman, Board Member,, and will also feature Jad Jebara, the CEO of HyperView and Craig Compiano , Co-founder and President of Modius Inc. This is a unique opportunity for attendees to learn from the best and engage with other industry leaders on these important topics.

As a participant, Jörg Hesselink will be sharing his insights on the critical role that DCIM plays in today's data centers, and how technology leadership can help organizations optimize their infrastructure for greater efficiency, resilience, and sustainability. At DC Smarter, we believe that DCIM is not just about monitoring and managing data center assets, but about unlocking the full potential of your infrastructure.

The workshop will explore key trends such as the growing importance of sustainability, the rise of edge computing, and the increasing use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in data center management. Attendees will discover new solutions that are advancing data center management, and learn from real-world examples shared by other organizations. They will also witness customer demos showcasing AR/VR, machine learning, and other advanced tools that are being used to manage data centers more efficiently and effectively. 

“We are excited to participate in The Ultimate DCIM and Technology Leadership Workshop, and to share our insightswith other industry leaders,” said Jörg Hesselink, CEO of DC Smarter. “DCIM is a critical component of any data center, and we look forward to discussing the latest trends and sharing best practices with other attendees.” For more information visit The Ultimate DCIM and Technology Leadership Workshop.


About DC Smarter

DC Smarter is a brand of FacIT FixIT GmbH, a managed service provider based in Germany. The founders Jörg Hesselink and Ismar Efendic have many years of experience in the data center market. The DC Vision® software they developed is based on the concept of the digital twin and uses augmented reality glasses to optimize the maintenance and care of the IT infrastructure in data centers. For more information, see or follow us on LinkedIn